The Orgasm Gap Has Got to Go

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Gender disparities abound in our societyThe gender pay gap, for starters, shows that the labor of men is valued more than that of women. Women hold less than 20 percent of congressional seats in the U.S., which makes for a great disparity in political representation. Women are considerably underrepresented as writers and directors of film and television, and as artists in our nation’s museums. They are also more likely than men to live in poverty.

There’s another gender gap, ideologically connected to these, which at first glance, may strike readers as a sexy gender gap. However, it is deeply un-sexy. I’m talking about the orgasm gap.

The orgasm gap is a rigorously documented disparity in the rates at which men and women achieve orgasm during sexual encounters together. A nationwide survey of sexual practices found that women report only 1 orgasm for every 3 reported by a man.

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